星期一, 3月 31, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-21,22

好不容易來到一個出口, 卻被複雜心思化身成的多腳怪物纏住,還奪走了她意識中僅存的判斷能力 When they arrive in an exit at last, a monster formed from her twisted mind catches her, taking away her few-left ability of judgment.

星期六, 3月 29, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-19,20


you have to see through the truth to get out of herean elf appears in front of her. The indirect and indistinct route he leads confusing her.

星期四, 3月 27, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-17,18

承受到了極限的汽球終於掙脫開了. 在意識朦朧中感覺到自己墜落到一個永恆禁錮地底. 一道來自遠處的光似乎是在預告即將到來的轉變.

The balloon can’t take it anymore and gets rid of her. Slightly, she’s aware of falling into a timeless captivity-abyss. Twilight from distance seems to predict the coming change.

星期三, 3月 26, 2008


這次stefano又受邀參加設計全家便利商店的集點換小綠人公仔活動 他設計的就是這款101大樓小綠人 活動好像從3月25到 5月19, 只是買66元才能集一點 要集滿10點 或5點加39元才換一個感覺有點慢咧... 或許可以跟熟點的店家商量直接購買 嘻嘻!!!
可觀賞以下網站裡的 '' 談小綠人變身'' 有採訪畫面唷!

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-15,16

At dawn, they arrive in a far city, everything seems hopeful under morning sun. Not too long, the fear out of unfamiliar and unknown feeling makes her tighten the balloon, though.

星期一, 3月 24, 2008

Pasqua - montato la tenda 復活節裝超高窗簾

利用這週復活節兩天假完成了安裝超高窗簾的不可能任務~ 由於天花板高四米 必須先跟管委會借超高爬梯後 爬到最上頭 手拿電鑽邊發抖邊猛力往上鑽啊鑽... 而且建造這古董屋(屋齡約80年)的年代流行用石頭蓋房子 不巧的是鑽孔點上方就有一塊"石頭"!! stefano在上面奮戰好久才鑽透 手一定酸脫了 最後終於裝上在迪化街永樂市場剪的窗簾(布加車工才五百元) 白天微透著橘色光 不錯不錯!!

星期四, 3月 20, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-13,14


maybe what I’m looking for is deep down this abyss ..if tomorrow will not come, it will not have any more expectation; without expectation, it will not have disappointment.
would you like coming to travel with me?
a balloon stops by and asks.

星期三, 3月 19, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-11,12


am I outside this world or the world is outside my frame?
She hasn’t found what she was looking for, even worse, she feels loosing her mind.

星期二, 3月 18, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-9,10

這樣的境遇始料未及,怪當初不應抱有夢想, 亦或是軟弱的不該;不甘就此下沉於是奮力跋涉,卻怎麼也走不出這片泥沼.

She has never expected confronting the situation this bad. Is it her fault of having dreamed too much, or being too weak? She can’t stand sinking like this, trying to get through all of these, but couldn’t get rid of this swamp.

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-7,8

在曲折落寞處乍現的是轉機還是危機,當自己就這麼身在其中時 也只能啞然 Who knows that what appears on the winding road is actually an opportunity or crisis, but when we’re on the road , we can only be struck dumb.

星期日, 3月 16, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-5,6

外表的光鮮一點都不實在 總在跌倒時才看得到真正價值所在 The brilliant appearance is virtual, we know what we’re worth always after falling down.

星期六, 3月 15, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-3,4

該往哪裡走,不知道. 或許問問陌生人,卻被冷漠潑了一身濕. She has no idea where to go. Maybe the strangers get some clues, however they splattered her with coldness.

星期四, 3月 13, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-2

Beniflower高高在雲端多麼令人羨慕讚嘆,可不是嗎?, 她並沒有為自己處在居高臨下的優勢趕到欣慰滿足,還是不住頻頻往下探視,試著在這個未知的世界裡找出那個手上握有她身上的缺角的人.

Beniflower up high above the clouds, so enviable so fabulous, isn’t it? However, is she satisfied with her superior status? She just can’t help looking down this unknown world, trying to find out the person who holds her ‘lacking-part’.

星期三, 3月 12, 2008

Beniflower的奇幻世界 Beniflower's tideland-1

其實...每個人心裡都有一個空缺, 只是大小因人而異 而且有的人絲毫不感覺到它的存在總是開懷自在, 有的人卻視這個缺口為生命的全部痛苦難熬, 甚至以為這塊缺角掌握在世界上其他人的手裡.
To tell the truth... there is a hole in the mind of each of us, it's just that each person has the different proportion or deepness of it, and some never aware of its existence- happy-go-lucky, on the other hand, some take this emptiness as his whole life-living painfully, furthermore they believe that the lacking-part must be possessed by someone else on earth.

星期二, 3月 11, 2008

半夜一點的機上晚餐 In-flight dinner at AM 1:00

撘長途飛機的困擾除了時差和空間狹小的疲憊外 就屬供餐的時間了 經常會發生早就餓了卻還沒到發食物的時間 或是大半夜睏得要死時 耳邊嘰嘰喳喳的發飯吃飯聲音 還有~就是在沒有食慾時聞到的那股很重的食物味道... 這次由於飛行時間在晚上 我'了去'了一餐半的食物 倒是stefano餐餐吃得精光算是值回票價啦

星期六, 3月 08, 2008

coming back to ITALY 收假回義大利囉

不過這次可是有備而來準備閉關修行好好進修各種電腦繪圖軟體,製作公仔布偶,畫畫,加強語言....等等,等我出去後相信又是一尾活龍 哈哈